Everything in life revolves around only two things: to choose to do something or to choose not to do it.

Arthur Samuel Joseph

To become scalable learners, we need to become adept at drinking in new information as it flows by.

Once, we were “educated” early in our lives enough to get us on a 40-year career ladder that we climbed until we retired and then, by design, soon after died. Today, considerable leaps in human longevity have stretched that career phase out a decade or longer.

A single dose of “education”—a process that infers an end state of being “educated”—isn't sufficient for a career arc that looks more like a spiral. Instead, we need to swap education for learning, a continuous state of discovery and reinvention. Work, then, leverages that learning and the work itself becomes another form of learning.

In truth, we are all works in progress, and we need to imagine, or rather reimagine, work. To do that, though, we're going to have to confront who we think we are, at least professionally, so that we can reimagine, and reimagine again, and again, who we are in the context of a changing future of work.

The Adaptation Advantage

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